Lostthreads Release Studio Footage For New Album 'Aftermath'

Last month, Lostthreads released footage of a recording session for their new album ‘Aftermath’ featuring drummer Ivan Trabado (watch here). This time around, we get to see Jay Alvarez lay down his bass tracks. Watch:

“Aftermath” is the band’s sophomore full-length album recorded in collaboration with Tower of Doom. According to the band, recording this album has been a learning experience and that they really challenged themselves this time around. While the band is certain that fans of their debut “Wake Up Your God” will also love this new album, don’t expect it to be just the same old Lostthreads.

“The people who have stood by us since day one will definitely love the new album as it’s more versatile. It’s heavier. It’s aggressive yet melodic in such a way that listeners coming from different musical preferences can relate to it.”

Read our exclusive interview with Lostthreads about “Aftermath” and a lot more in the cover story of Pulp Magazine’s November-December 2017 issue. Click here to grab a copy.

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