Morbid Angel Returns with 'Piles of Little Limbs' and New Album

Morbid Angel, the pioneering death metal act hailing from Tampa, Florida, is making a comeback. It’s been six years since their polarizing album “Illud Divinum Insanus” came out, and the band is finally releasing its follow-up “Kingdoms Disdained.” The first single from the album is called “Pules of Little Limbs,” which should give you a good idea of what the whole album will sound like. Listen to it below:


Stream and download it on Spotify:

This latest incarnation of the band finds Steve Tucker on bass and vocals, Scott Fuller on drums, Dan Vadim Von on guitars, and Trey Azagthoth also on guitars and the only founding member.

“Kingdoms Disdained” comes out on December 1 via UDR Music. See the cover art below:

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