Turnstile Releases New Single 'Real Thing'

Hardcore band Turnstile has released a new single called “Real Thing.” While the single is classic Turnstile, the heavy symbolism in its music video (directed by Mortis Studio) is something the band hasn’t done before and it might signal a bit of change in their next record, the follow-up to their debut full-length “Nonstop Feeling” released in 2015.  

Watch “Real Thing” below:

About the song, vocalist Brendan Yates explains: “’Real Thing’ is about the idea of happiness being made up in the imagination. The way you imagine perfection from your past can blind you to real beauty and life right in front of you, resulting in a circle of discontent.”

Turnstile’s new and yet-to-be-titled album comes out sometime in late 2018 via Roadrunner.

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