Tiger Pussy Releases New Single 'No Rhyme'

Tiger Pussy has released “No Rhyme,” the first single off their upcoming album “Residuals” which comes out on November 11. Watch the music video below:

You can also stream and download the single on Bandcamp:

In a conversation with Unite Asia (who premiered the music video), vocalist Jan Sunday shared that, compared to their 2013 album “People You Hate,” “Residuals” will be “much more terrifying like truth and honesty.”

“I don’t mind dwelling in the dark,” she added. “Sometimes that’s how you can better see the light. But this album is less angry and centered more on being accountable. It took me/us a while to realize how important that is. Maybe it comes with age. Maybe the mirror has been rubbed.”

The band also shared their thoughts on punk, sexual assault, their creative process, and many more in the illuminating interview, which you can read here. Don’t forget to pick up “Residuals” on November 11.  

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