Cane Hill Drops New Single and Music Video 'Too Far Gone'

Nu-metalcore band Cane Hill has just released a new single called “Too Far Gone.” The single comes with a black-and-white music video where the band gets infected with an insect that causes them to vomit, sweat, and cry colors. 

The song premiered on Dan P. Carter’s Radio One Rock Show, where the band admitted that the song “is about our short and dangerously intense romance with LSD. We went down a rabbit hole, and I'm not sure how we came back."  

But the band insists that they are leaving that in the past. “Cane Hill's here—bigger and better. This is in your face Cane Hill. The real Cane Hill. No makeup or gimmicks — just musicians playing aggressive ass music that's meant to stick in your head and you won't want to get it out."

Stay tuned for more details to follow about their forthcoming album, the follow-up to 2016’s “Smile.” 

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