Andy Westhead Leaves As It Is

(Photos by Ian Coulson Media)

It’s official. Guitarist Andy Westhead has left pop punk band As It Is. After fans noticed that Westhead had not been performing with the band on their tour with Neck Deep, fans took to Twitter to ask the guitarist themselves.

Westhead responded by saying, “I guess the others didn't think you guys were worth an explanation either - I wish the others would allow me to be there.” See the tweet below: 


The band has issued a statement denying Westhead’s claim that he was not informed. “We met up with Andy in person in August to let him know what the four of us had discussed and the reasons behind it,” the Facebook post says. “It was truly a very difficult conversation, but we felt it was the right and respectful thing to do, because Andy has been there since the start alongside the rest of us. Since this meeting, we have also spoken with Andy on the phone to reiterate the reasons behind our collective decision. It was therefore a surprise to us to see Andy’s tweet last night.”

Although the band does not mention the reason for Westhead’s departure, they say that this decision was made between the four other members Patty Walters, Ali Testo, Patrick Foley, and Benjamin Langford-Biss. They also ask everyone not to “seek to dramatise this matter further” and to respect their privacy. Read the whole statement below:

Adam Westhead is a founding member of the band. He played in two of the band’s full-length albums “Never Happy, Ever After” (released April 20, 2015) and “okay.” (released January 20, 2017), as well as their four independently-released EPs. As It Is performed in Manila as supporting act on All Time Low’s Young Renegades World Tour back in August 22.  

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