Rockamania kicks off on September 16, 2017


Two-part concert Rockamania kicks off this coming September 16,2017 at the Rizal Open-Air Auditorium, presented by Sound Experience Manila (SXManila), National Parks Development Committee, Labs Kita Sabado, and Banana Rising Recording Studio.

Aiming to “bring the Filipino rock scene to [the] masses”, the event will feature frontier Filipino rock bands such as Kjwan (September 16) and Razorback (November 18, the event’s second leg).

The inaugural Rockamania will also be featuring Black Wolf Gypsies, Byan, Alikabok 2.0, Beia Stone, and Gin Rum and Truth. The event, to be hosted by Ms. Djan Dwaine H. Canary and Sir Paul Martin Ross (who also host the monthly Banda Piyesta being held in the same venue) will be open to all and admission is free.

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