INTERVIEW: Traces Of War Talks About Slayer's Influence

(Art by Eldric Arpilleda)

While we wait for Slayer’s first show in Manila, we spoke to some of the best metal and rock bands in the local scene. One of them was Traces of War. Traces of War is a crossover thrash metal band that has been around since 2005. Their latest record is their phenomenal self-titled released under Playloud Records back in December 22 of last year. If you’re looking for some great local crossover thrash, you’ve found it.

Read our conversation below:   


PULP: How did you find out about Slayer?

TOW: Back in high School, Mackie, our current bass player showed me a cassette tape of Slayer because he was already into thrash and death metal that time and I have a shorter attention span. Then I saw “Jackass: The Movie.” Johnnie Knoxville's Rent-a-Car crash stunt's theme was “Angel of Death.” But not until I was first year in college did I borrow a copy of the Jackass OST from a friend then listened to “Angel of Death” track over and over because it felt weird back then. Days later, I bought a “Reign in Blood” CD from Nocturnal Recto. And so it goes. 


PULP: What's your favorite Slayer song and why?

TOW: “Altar of Sacrifice.” I don't know why. You can't just contain the metal in that song. I can imagine someone's getting beat while that song plays, man.


PULP: How has Slayer influenced your band?

TOW: We don't want to sound exactly like any particular thrash band be it of metal or crossover, but when our guitarists write riffs for a song you can't deny Slayer’s foothold on their playing.


PULP: What do you think sets them apart from the rest of the Big Four?

TOW: Aside from using a lot of Satan, Hell, or Evil in their lyrics and a whole other obvious things, Slayer seems faster, darker, more straightforward, and their tracks remind me that there is always a good reason to go apeshit and pick a fight. Every hardcore kid’s favorite thrash metal band.


PULP: If Traces of War were to cover a Slayer song, what song would that be?

TOW: We like our shit short and heavy, so I think it’ll be “Piece by Piece.”


What do you think of the band’s answers? Let us know in the comments below. Listen to Traces of War’s self-titled below and buy the physical copy of the album here:

Read more interviews about Slayer featuring Joey Dizon, Marben Romero, and more in our latest issue, out now. Of course, don’t forget to see Slayer in Manila on October 11 at the KIA Theatre. Tickets are now on sale thru all Ticketnet outlets and online at See the poster below for more details:


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