Franco Signs Deal with Warner Music Singapore

(Photo supplied by management)

Local rock heavyweights Franco has signed a deal with international record label Warner Music Singapore. After performing in major productions across the country and participating in Coca Cola’s ongoing series “Coke Studio” (not to mention the loyalty of their fans and the large crowds they regularly draw), the band caught the attention of the record label giant, indicating an even brighter future and wider audience for the band. As the press release points out, this is “a feat hardly achieved by any local Filipino artist, and proof that theirs is a sound ready for the rest of the world.”

The press release also says that we’re just a few “final touches” away from hearing new music from the band.

“As of press time, the band confirmed that completion of the band’s latest album was down to the final touches, and that they will be releasing their first single online and through the band’s official social media sites very soon.”

This truly is an exciting time for both the band and their fans. Keep your eyes glued to Franco’s Facebook page and Instagram for more updates.

Here’s “Manipulator” from Franco’s latest EP, “Frank!” 

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