Lights releases 'Savage' featuring Twenty One Pilots' Josh Dun

(Photo by Matt Barnes)

Lights recently announced an incredibly exciting album and comic series, “Skin & Earth.” To make fans even more excited for the project, Lights put out a new single called “Savage,” where Twenty One Pilots’ Josh Dun collaborated with her as he slayed on the drums.

This album and comic series, according to Lights in an interview with Front Row Live, is 100% created by her- the story, the drawing & coloring, and of course, the music! Isn’t that cool?

This is her fifth studio album following ‘Midnight Madness’ which was released in 2016.

Check out the single here and put it on loop if you must! We know you want to. 

Watch the teaser for ‘Skin & Earth’ here: 

Lights has also released two other singles off of the album, so you might want to give them a listen: 

Excited yet? You can expect 1 more song before the album drops on September 22 via Dynamite Entertainment so make sure to watch out for that. 

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