New Knuckle Puck Album Out in October

It’s been two years now since pop punk outfit Knuckle Puck put out their debut album ‘Copacetic’ and now the band has finally announced their sophomore effort ‘Shapeshifter’, which arrives October 13th via Rise Records.

This second album, said the band, “isn’t a reinvention” despite the title. “… rather, Shapeshifter is the sound of the Chicago-based pop-punk band taking their best qualities and honing them to make them even sharper.”

Knuckle Puck released the very first single off the album. Listen to “Gone” here:

Guitarist Nick Casasanto had this to say of ‘Shapeshifter’:


“When you reach early adulthood and start to see your life take shape, it’s also important to shape your identity and break yourself free from anything that might be holding you down… I hope the album instills a little bit of hope in people. I hope people realize they should consume the things that really speak to them. Through that, I feel like it’s the most satisfying way to be who you want to be.”


Check out the album art and track listing below:

1. Nervous Passenger
2. Twist
3. Double Helix
4. Gone
5. Everyone Lies to Me
6. Stuck In Our Ways
7. Want Me Around
8. Conduit
9. Wait
10. Plastic Brains

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