While She Sleeps' Video for 'Empire of Silence' Is A Call For Unity

Crowdfunding an album is always a gamble. You never know for sure whether it’s going to succeed or not until the results come (in other words, when it’s too late). Fortunately for UK metalcore band While She Sleeps, they received far more than what they hoped when they crowdfunded their latest, independently released album “You Are We.”

Maybe as a thank you to all those fans who pledged (all 4683 of them), the band decided to shoot a live performance video for their song “Empire of Silence” which focuses more on the crowd than live performance videos usually do. In the video, you’ll see a lot of fans crowd-surfing, moshing, head-banging, and singing along to the lyrics. Of course, the band gets a fair amount of face time too, with some intimate and intense shots of them onstage plus a couple of them chugging Jagermeister and having fun off stage.

Watch the video below:

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