How many Les Pauls Did Nine Inch Nails Destroy On Their Self-Destruction Tour?

To say the least, Nine Inch Nails were not kind to their guitars during their Self-Destruction Tour. This was 1994-1995. Their album “The Downward Spiral” had just come out, and Billy Howerdel, guitarist of A Perfect Circle, was working as NIN’s guitar tech. He reveals in a new interview with Premiere Guitar that the band destroyed a total of 137 Les Pauls throughout the tour.  Watch the whole interview below:

Metalsucks gave us a clearer picture of just how much destruction the band caused by pointing out that Les Pauls back then cost $1,200. Along with inflation, that means the band happily destroyed $267,500 worth of guitars on stage. If you convert that to Philippine pesos, that’s P13,288,062.50.


Watch a full performance from that tour below: 

Source: Metal Injection


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