WATCH: The Maine's 'Raining In Paris' Live

The Maine has just released a live video of their song “Raining In Paris.” The song is off their 2013 EP “Imaginary Numbers.” The video was shot during the U.S. leg of their “Lovely Little Lonely” tour, which just ended. Now, the band is touring Australia as support for All Time Low alongside Neck Deep.

With all the lights in their set design, the performance takes on an otherworldly quality, making the song feel more magical than it already is. Watch the video below: 

If you want to experience that for yourself, then don’t forget to catch The Maine when they come for Bazooka Rocks: A Pop Punk Weekend on June 24 (1st day) at S.M. Skydome. Grab your tickets at your nearest SM Tickets Outlet, or visit Check out the poster below for more details. 

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