Blink 182 Release New Single 'Wildfire'

Many long-time Blink 182 fans complained that “California” didn’t sound like the old Blink they used to know. Whether as a reaction to that or just plain old nostalgia, the band has released a new single, called “Wildfire,” which the band describes as “your favorite song from ‘Enema of the State’” and “your favorite song from ‘California’… falling in love and starting a family of their own.” Whatever prompted them to write and record this song, we’ll probably never know. But at least we know that this is a song that both old and new fans of the band can appreciate.

Listen to “Wildfire” below:

“Wildfire” is off their exclusive “California” Deluxe Double Pop Up Vinyl, which features 11 new songs and is available in four different colors. Grab it at their official merch website now.

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