PULP MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE: More on Gods of Eden's New Music

With a little over a week to go ‘til PULP SUMMER SLAM, Australian metal outfit Gods Of Eden  have been hard at work as they prepare to share the stage with the most epic Slam lineup to ever hit the Amoranto Stadium.

If you’ve been following this series of exclusive features on Gods Of Eden, you’d know that this coming April 29th won’t exactly be their first PULP SUMMER SLAM experience. Last year, they were in the PULP Royalty pit, with vocalist Ian Dixon and guitarist Danni Perez traveling all the way from their native Australia to be among 30,000 or so Pinoy metalheads. 

“We had a blast! I was amazed at the way everything worked so smoothly. Everyone was really friendly and I have been telling anyone who would listen to me about how much fun it was. I am really looking forward to being a part of it and being there again this year,” an ecstatic Ian Dixon tells PULP Magazine.

This is the year they go from the pits to the stage, and it’s such a huge deal for the band. Barely containing their excitement, they organized something so more Australian metal fans would have the chance to experience the Slam for themselves—the Slam Tours.


“Well, the idea came about when Danni and myself were over in the Philippines for PSS16. It grew out of our love for travelling combined with a love of music festivals. I have enjoyed visiting some large international festivals and I thought that if I can help other people experience the beauty of the Philippines and the fun that I had at PSS16, then that could be a win for everyone,” Ian says of the initiative.

More importantly, the band looks forward to finally sharing new music with everyone come April 29th. These past two weeks, PULP Magazine has given you an exclusive preview of Gods Of Eden’s new material by streaming private demos sent over to us by the band. By now, you’ve heard “This Is Life” and “I Am”. Now, we give you “Isolation”, previously titled “Juno”. Listen below:


“‘Juno’ which we are now calling ‘Isolation’ is about how social media is causing people to become so disconnected from each other. People are driving themselves to despair and loneliness reaching out to each other in darkened rooms, illuminated only by the light of a led screen showing images designed to create division and drive people further apart through fear.” – Ian Dixon

These three tracks feature a new sound and style offered by the band as they go beyond their prog-metal roots. “With regards to the style itself, one thing we wanted to keep away from was the ‘too much of a muchness’ vibe from the first album. It was an exciting studio-based record and we got carried away with integrating too many ingredients in every song. It was about showing off everything we were capable of in a composition,” guitarist Danni Perez shares, previously telling us that they are working on recapturing the crucial live elements of their music—something for us to watch out for when they unleash these new tracks at the Slam.


Gods Of Eden are still figuring out how to move forward with their new material. Ian says, “We are still in the process of planning what we are going to do with [the new songs] and how we are going to organize our next release. We have a few other songs in the works at the moment, but we wanted to put something special together for the beautiful Pinoy people, to help us celebrate our first shot at Pulp Summer Slam.”

 “We are really pumped to meet you guys and catch up with friends we made last year,” said the band in a message to their Filipino fans, excited to be with all of us again next week. “PSS17 is going to kick arse! See you at the Slam!”

Grab a copy of PULP Magazine’s Issue # 188 (April 2017), and read even more about Gods Of Eden in our exclusive feature.

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