PULP MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE: Gods of Eden on recapturing the live elements of their music and more

Last week, PULP Magazine gave you your first taste of new Gods Of Eden music. This week, we’re giving you more.


The Australian band is so pumped to be joining PULP SUMMER SLAM XVII: Redemption this coming April 29th, with new tunes to play for all 30,000 of us at the Amoranto Stadium. Finally creating new material to follow up their 2015 release From the End of Heaven, they are keen on reinventing their sound and recapturing crucial live elements.

'GOE originally started as an experimental solo project, one that I never intended to play live with. The demos we had put out started creating a buzz and soon the demand to see us live grew,' guitarist Danni Perez recounts. 'It was exciting to take this project off the studio into the live stages however this created a few issues… The music is very busy which can at times border on chaotic and it also did not allow us the freedom to interact with the crowd. It got to the point where we really weren’t enjoying playing live. All my life I have worked with Mike as a composer/arranger duo, and we have been writing songs with a heavier rock/industrial edge but most importantly we wrote songs that would sound massive and powerful live.', he adds.

Vocalist Ian Dixon tells PULP Magazine that they have indeed had a test run of some of their new songs in Sydney and so far, they have been getting some pretty great responses. 'It is going to be the first time any of our songs are played to a stadium though, and we are really excited about that!', he says, clearly looking forward to unleashing their new material at the Slam.

But apart from working on reviving that essential live aspect of their music, Gods Of Eden have also been working on exploring beyond their roots in technical/progressive metal, or beyond whatever genre they have no interest being limited to. 'Over the course of the last year I have been wanting to explore a more alternative and grove based style. We were thinking about starting up a side project to explore those ideas but it just didn’t make sense. We don’t want to be limited by what other people may expect. There are no rules, ‘there is no spoon.'', shares Ian, saying that the way he sees Gods of Eden is different to most bands and that there’s no need to be constrained to one specific style or genre.

Now, when it comes to any new influences that may have had a hand at shaping the band’s new material, Ian adds to a long list of literature: from classics such as George Orwell’s Animal Farm and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, to texts like The Book of Five Rings and The Secret Oral Teachings of Tibetan Buddhist Sects. In a lot of ways, all of the heavy, eclectic reading manifests in the way Gods Of Eden’s songs are written. The way Danni sees it, a lot of technical metal bands are so heavily focused on the music, or the ability of the musicians behind it, that something ends up missing.

'That’s not what we are about,' Danni clarifies. 'This is why we reference texts and books that shape our way of thinking inside our releases.  It is great to get back to writing songs where we work with the vocalist as one. Every time I show someone the new material, you can feel those messages resonating through the listener. It’s not about how fast the guitars are, how intense the drums are, how many vocal techniques are sung; it’s about the song as a whole.'

'I find myself constantly playing with the concept of how I fit into the world, both personally, through my own life experiences, as well as how people in general interact. I am very interested in the way people imprison themselves as well as how it is possible to find freedom. I want to show you that you are free.', Ian surmises.

To illustrate how this unending extension of knowledge and perspectives has translated to their new songs, Gods Of Eden sent us a couple of private demos of their new material—also to get us excited about seeing them at the Slam! Last week, we gave you 'This is Life'. Here’s the second of three new tracks from Gods Of Eden, titled 'I Am'.  

'I am’ is a statement of position. This is where we are, this is the truth of it. When you pull away the blinding wool of society’s continual rush to the end, threat of death and Armageddon, constant running out of time… you find that in reality all that is true is you, the universe and your relationship with it. Complete and inseparable. We are and we grow through our experience, our experience moulds and shapes our decisions, and it is through our decisions that we have direct control over our lives. It’s through owning ourselves that we take control of our destiny, without gods and without kings we are everything there is, the responsibility is ours to live completely.' – Ian Dixon

For more on Gods Of Eden, grab a copy of PULP Magazine’s Issue # 188 (April 2017), and check out our exclusive feature.


And, more importantly, do not miss Gods Of Eden at PULP SUMMER SLAM XVII: Redemption this coming April 29th at the Amoranto Stadium, along with the rest of the acts on this year’s stellar lineup—Megadeth, Dragonforce, Whitechapel, Crossfaith, and I See Stars, with local bands Slapshock, Greyhoundz, Wilabaliw, Razorback, Kjwan and the Red Horse Pambansang Muziklaban Grand Champion, Shotgun Combo.

Tickets are priced at PhP 669, available through SM Tickets (www.smtickets.com – 470-2222) and TicketNet (www.ticketnet.com.ph – 911-5555). For VIP Packages (PULP Royalty), call 727-4957 or email royalty@pulpliveworld.com.

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