PULP MAGAZINE EXCLUSIVE: Listen to Gods Of Eden's 'This is Life'

We’re just a few weeks away from the most epic PULP SUMMER SLAM yet. Now on its 17th installment, the Slam has proved itself to be a metal tradition like no other, with some 30,000 Pinoy metalheads congregating at the Amoranto Stadium year in and year out. Fans are more excited than ever, and the same could be said of the artists on the epic PULP SUMMER SLAM XVII: Redemption lineup, most especially Australian band Gods Of Eden.

Gods Of Eden are a technical progressive metal band hailing from Sydney comprised of Ian Dixon (lead vocals), Danni Perez (guitars), Mike Barillaro (bass), Sean Thomson (guitars), and Robin Stone (drums). What’s interesting is that prior to being included in this year’s stellar lineup, they were first PULP SUMMER SLAM attendees. Danni and Ian came all the way to the Philippines last year for PULP SUMMER SLAM XVI: Come Out & Play as metal fans themselves who love travelling and attending music festivals.

“It was the most amazing experience I have ever had, to be so up close and personal to the bands is something that really must be experienced to be believed,” said Danni, recalling their experience last year. It was last year, at the Slam, when Danni and Ian caught up with Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil (who co-headlined last year’s PULP SUMMER SLAM). They’ve since opened for Lacuna Coil in Sydney.

Apart from reveling in this feat and planning the next, the past several months have also been about creating. The band took the time to work on new material, about a year since the release of their 2015 effort From the End of Heaven“We don’t feel the need to constrain ourselves to any specific way, style or genre. When we released our first EP, the intention was to break down the genre barricades, that’s why people have had such a hard time classifying us. We aren’t interested in being pigeonholed, so we are just doing what we feel like doing,” shared Ian, giving us the idea that with these new songs, the band is keen on transcending the boundaries of their technical prog-metal roots.

“All we have really done is go back to our roots and in doing so recapture that live fire we once enjoyed on stage. Our first album lacked certain crucial live elements but that’s the beauty of touring. When you go back to the studio, you learn from the road and put it down. The people who look up to you are also your greatest teachers if you are receptive,” added Danni. With this, we’re given yet another reason to look forward to the Slam, and that is to hear brand new music from the band live.

Gods Of Eden have teamed up with PULP Magazine for the exclusive release of their new music. Each week leading up to the Slam, we will be unveiling a new song so keep watching this space!

Here’s the first of three called “This Is Life”. Listen below: 

“‘This is Life’ is a wake-up call. This is life and we are mortal, so stop wasting time with misery and loneliness. There is a whole world of experience out there to be lived. The idea came as a conversation to myself, trying to get into my own mind that there is more to life that the moments that drag you into the darkness. The best way I have found to deal with those stagnant times is to physically move myself to a new location, travel or even just take my bike out to clear my head a bit. ‘This is Life’ is a reminder that there are still options while there is still breath," Ian tells PULP Magazine.

“… a massive piece of the GOE puzzle that never got a mention was the lyrical content and the message Ian was trying to get across. Ian’s incredibly passionate in his beliefs and his drive to get his points of view across to the masses is his driving force,” Danni says of Ian’s songwriting, which we will see more of in the weeks to come. The track is also up for free download exclusively through PULP.

Grab a copy of PULP Magazine’s Issue # 188 (April 2017), and check out our exclusive feature on Gods Of Eden.

Don’t miss Gods Of Eden at PULP SUMMER SLAM XVII: Redemption this coming April 29th at the Amoranto Stadium, along with the rest of the acts on this year’s stellar lineup—Megadeth, Dragonforce, Whitechapel, Crossfaith, and I See Stars, with local bands Slapshock, Greyhoundz, Wilabaliw, Razorback, Kjwan and the Red Horse Pambansang Muziklaban Grand Champion, Shotgun Combo.

Tickets are priced at PhP 669, available through SM Tickets (www.smtickets.com – 470-2222) and TicketNet (www.ticketnet.com.ph – 911-5555). Ticketing charges apply. For VIP Packages (PULP Royalty), call 727-4957 or email royalty@pulpliveworld.com. #SeeYouAtTheSLAM! #PSS17Redemption 

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