Revocation is Going to Be in the New Power Rangers Movie

(Photo from the movie’s official website)

Power Rangers is getting a gritty reboot, and it looks like they needed the soundtrack to help them in that goal. Just like the previously released blockbuster Suicide Squad, this movie’s soundtrack has a diverse line-up including Explosions in the Sky, Kanye West, and Social Distortion. But the most interesting and unexpected artist listed in the credits is death metal band Revocation with their song “Communion” off their 2016 album “Great Is Our Sin.”

This information was leaked to MetalSucks by an insider hiding under the name Rusty Shackleford.

This is not the first time this year that a metal band found its way into a mainstream blockbuster. An All Shall Perish poster was spotted in “Logan” during a scene that took place inside a kid’s bedroom:

This isn’t the first time a metal song was in a kid-friendly movie as well. Probably the most recent example is Pixar’s “Monsters University” with Mastodon’s “Island” from their album 2004 album “Leviathan.” 

Unfortunately, the placement of Revocation’s song within “Power Rangers” has not been revealed, so we’re just going to have to wait until March 24 to find out. 

Source: MetalSucks 

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