Neverdie Release New Single, 'Repetition'

(Art from Neverdie’s Facebook Page)

Last month, we spoke with Neverdie frontman Tani Cariño when the album art of their upcoming full-length album “Carry On” was revealed. During our conversation, he mentioned jokingly that they would be releasing a single after they were done arguing over which one they would release. Well, it looks like they’ve come to a decision where everyone is happy, because they just released the first single from the album, “Repetition.”

On Facebook, Cariño spoke about the inspiration behind the song:

“This song's about me trying different methods on how to cope with my own anxiety and depression. In my case it's about going through it as much as I can so that I can figure out what would be the easiest way for me to take next time around. Not exactly sure if it's working for me at the moment but at least I get to know more about my condition.” - T

The song was recorded at three different places. The drums were recorded at Cherry Studios, the guitars were recorded at Loud Carrot Studio, and the bass was recorded at bassist Lip Dalangin’s home studio. It was mixed and mastered by Dave “Loud Carrot” Usi of Loud Carrot Studio. 

The song is available for streaming and free download through their Bandcamp page, and it’s also available for streaming on Youtube. Listen to it below!

“Carry On” will be released some time in 2017 via Continent Records.

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