Saving the Dying Hope's 'Avalanche' EP and their single 'Paradigm Shift' Now On Streaming Services

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Metalcore band Saving The Dying Hope has made their EP “Avalanche” as well as their latest single “Paradigm Shit” available for streaming on Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes.

“Avalanche,” recorded at Into Entropy Recordings, was originally released back in 2014, while “Paradigm Shift,” recorded at Saturnine Audio, was originally released in October 2016. Both were mix and mastered by Raphael Pulgar of Beast Jesus.

Some of their songs are still not available in these streaming services, like “Inception” and “Our New Makers, The New Founding Fathers.” No worries though because you can stream those on their Youtube page and/or their Bandcamp page.

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Here’s their music video for “Autumn” off “Avalanche”:

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