All Time Low Play Secret London Show As Young Renegades, Perform 'Dirty Laundry' Live for the First Time

(Photo from the band’s Facebook page

A band as big as All Time Low would have to hide under a fake name if they wanted to play a secret show for it to be kept secret, and that’s exactly what they did for this London show in Bush Hall, where they played under the name The Young Renegades.

Some fans saw it coming when the band tweeted this a while back without any further explanation:

Despite the fact that they sort of used the name of their upcoming album (“Last Young Renegade”), this one was especially for the old school fans because most of the setlist was comprised of classic songs. They played “Stay Awake,” “Dear Maria,” “Let It Roll,” and “The Beach” from their album “So Wrong It’s Right.” They also played “Therapy” and “Weightless” from “Nothing Personal.” 

Fans of their later material weren’t left out though, as the band also played “Cinderblock Gardens” from 2015’s “Future Hearts” and “Take Cover” from their live album “Straight to DVD II: Past, Present, and Future Hearts.” They also played their latest single “Dirty Laundry” off their upcoming album live for the first time.

Check out the footage below:

“Dirty Laundry”

“Take Cover”

“Let It Roll/The Beach”

“Stay Awake”




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@alltimelow at Bush Hall// Weightless #Classic 🤘🏼

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“Cinderblock Garden” 

“Dear Maria, Count Me In”

Source: Alternative Press 

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