Pro-Wrestlers Kevin Bennett and Big Tank Try to Ambush Every Time I Die's Andy Williams; Fail

(Photo by Liz Ramanand/Loudwire)

Fact: Nobody can f*ck with Every Time I Die guitarist Andy Williams. That’s something professional wrestle Kevin Bennett and his friend Big Tank didn’t know, and they definitely paid for it. Even though Andy Williams is relatively a newbie in wrestling (he debuted in pro-wrestling two years ago), he was still able to kick these guys’ asses. Luckily for us, it was all caught on camera.


Okay, so it was obviously made to advertise Williams’ upcoming match with Kevin Bennett on April 9th for Smash Wrestling. Still, with Williams’ size, is there still even any doubt that he could take Bennett down? We don’t think so, but we guess we’ll only know for sure on April 9th.

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