Faintlight Announces Hiatus

(Photo from Facebook)

Faintlight has announced that they are going on hiatus. This comes as a surprise since they just released their EP “In Transit,” easily one of the best releases of 2016.  In a lengthy Facebook post, they wrote:

“We've been playing music as a band for a little over a decade. Most of us still want to continue playing but collectively as Faintlight, the best decision is to step back first and give opportunity to explore new things we are currently doing individually. Yes, we are going on an indefinite hiatus.”

“The band has been #InTransit and sometimes, you have to pause...breathe for a while before you continue the ride. For now, we're switching off the light, switching off the engine and bidding everyone goodnight.”

They are, however, going out on a high note, because, ironically, this announcement of their hiatus comes with the beginning of GlassTone Live for 2017. In the video, the band gives a live performance, talks about their journey as a band, about what they love most about being in a band, about growing out of pop punk, and more. Watch it here:

Read the whole statement below:

If you want to know more about the band’s journey, we had an exclusive interview with them in our December issue, which you can get here.

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