Founding Member Anders Bjorler Leaves At the Gates

(Photo by Ester Segarra)

Sad news for At the Gates fans: Anders Björler, the founding guitarist of the Swedish melodic death metal pioneers, has left the band. The band announced this unfortunate news on their official Facebook page. In the statement, they said that Björler’s departure was something they “have felt was on its way for quite some time, as that special spark was no longer with him the last year.” 

Björler added: “The passion is just gone. There might be a more lengthy statement in the future, but at the moment I feel no need to explain further. This is a personal decision, and it has 100% to do with the music side of things.”

Read the full statement below: 

The band is currently holding auditions for Björler’s replacement.

On the bright side, the band is still moving forward with their new album. They say that, with three songs already written, it is “an intense, hungry follow-up album [to 2014’s “At War With Reality”].” They plan on recording the album in early 2018.   

At the Gates broke up in 1996, and then reunited in 2007. They then released their fifth full-length album “At War With Reality,” the follow up to the classic “Slaughter of the Soul.” Anders Björler had a huge part in crafting the At the Gates sound, as he has writing credits in all the songs of the band’s two most influential albums, 1994’s “Terminal Spirit Disease” and 1995’s “Slaughter of the Soul.” Aside from At the Gates, he is also a solo artist, and was a founding member of thrash metal band The Haunted.

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