Corey Taylor Joins Korn Live For 'A Different World'

(Photo by Joe Lester)

Nu-metal icon and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor joined fellow nu-metal icons Korn on stage to sing on their song “A Different World.” From Korn’s latest album “The Serenity of Suffering,” the song features Corey Taylor in its studio version as well. After they performed the song, both frontmen announced that Stone Sour and Korn were going on a tour.

About Taylor’s involvement with the track, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis told Blabbermouth: “We were trying to figure out who we wanted to collaborate with, and I'm like, 'You know, that's the one, that's the guy. And I texted him, I'm like, 'Do you want to be on a new Korn track?' He's all, 'Hell yeah! When and where, what do I do?' So he did great on the song. I already did my parts, I'm like, 'Do what you do, man.' And I like the way he did it, the approach: he starts creeping in underneath the song, you can start slowly hearing his voice under mine, and it crescendos up into the middle part where he sings, and then it's just full-on at the end, so the song came out great."

Taylor also recounted by saying that he received ”a phone call, like, 'Hey, do you wanna do this?' And I was on the plane the next day. I flew in, and I hadn't even heard the music. I was, like, 'Yeah.' 'Cause as a fan and as a friend, it was just something that we had been talking about for years. And all the stars aligned and I got to do this track. And it is heavy, dude. It is so righteous. People are gonna lose their minds."

Here’s the video:

Here’s the studio version of “A Different World.” 

And here’s a making-of video for the song.

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