Motionless in White Release New Single, Music Video 'LOUD (Fuck It)'

Motionless in White’s 2012 album “Infamous” was famous for being highly influenced by fellow shock rocker Marilyn Manson. And although the two singles that have been realeased before this one (“570” and “Eternally Yours”) suggest that their upcoming album “Graveyard Shift” is going to have their classic metalcore sound, this latest one, “LOUD (Fuck It),” sounds like it would be right at home in “Infamous.”

“You gotta be loud, you gotta be rude, so the world could hear you,” frontman Chris Motionless sings in a low syrupy voice that you could easily mistake for Manson’s. In fact, the whole song, with its anthemic fist-pumping chorus, fat guitar tone, and satirical lyrics, sounds like it could’ve been a bonus track on “The Golden Age of Grotesque.”

In the music video, the band plays in a gloomy skate park. For where else could you channel teen angst better than in a skate park?

Check out the music video below:

“Graveyard Shift” comes out May 5 via Roadrunner Records.

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