LISTEN: Honeydrop's 'Once'

Cebu-based band Honeydrop released a new song and video for “Once”, a track off their upcoming EP set for release this 2017.


Here’s the video for “Once”, directed by Trenary Guerrero.

Speaking with PULP Magazine, the five-piece indie rock band shares that it was a song borne out of a collaboration between guitarist Karl Lucente and a friend, Micole Jamin. “‘Once’ is a tribute to musicians who once shared their heart out on stage to their fans,” said Honeydrop. It was a tribute for a favorite band of theirs when some of its members left in 2010.

It was in 2014 when they started playing the song to test it out and get a feel of it. This year, it will be part of their upcoming EP, the long-awaited follow-up to their first album Prelude which was released back in October 2013. Honeydrop let us in on a few things about the EP:

“As for the EP's working progress, it perhaps took us a while to get a good grasp on releasing a new record probably because we're still working on the direction of our sound, but as we got into the musical process, we took it one move at a time and finally realized that we should release a new one since we had a few songs to share and thought our friends deserved something new. The record is entirely DIY and we've been working closely with Dexter Sy of Bomba Press and some friends in order to make this release happen.”

The band hopes to have it out in the second quarter of the year. For the rest of 2017, they’re keen on releasing a couple more videos and visit Manila, and they intend to create new music spontaneously.

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