Lenses release cameo-heavy music video, 'Pagbisita Mo'

Before you check out this new music video by indie jazz band Lenses for their song “Pagbisita Mo,” you might want to sit down first. If you’re a big fan of OPM, then get ready to squeal in delight every few seconds. It’s like the band rounded up everyone who’s anyone in the local music scene and asked them to lip sync the song.

            About the making of the music video, front man Aaron Gonzalez told Billboard PH: “In the spirit of ‘Pagbisita Mo,’ we just invited some of our friends to come visit our new studio, have some burgers, chat a bit, and shoot the thing. We would have all of them sing the song as themselves in their own respective bands, and just make a salad of cameos.”

            Instead of giving you the list of cameos, we highly recommend that you just watch the video to find out who’s in this long list of cameos. We dare you to name all of them in the comments section below.


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