Emo meets Cloud Rap in skinxbones x Baby Loot mixtape, 'You've Got X's For Eyes'

Hip Hop and emo music are two genres that not a lot imagined would ever crossover. Hip Hop, for the most part, survives on masculine bravado, while emo thrives on the complete opposite. Yet we now have artist collectives like Team SESH (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yO29OMbFq8), Sadboys (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qfP7a9UcuY), and Goth Boi Clique (http://stayloud.skullcandy.com/stories/underground-rap-meets-emo-revivalism/), who do just that. Here in our shores, we have a group of similar minded artists who call themselves NoFace Records. The leader of this group, producer skinxbones, has just released a mixtape called “You’ve Got X’s For Eyes” with babyloot, a singer/producer based in LA.

The EP (which was made entirely through online correspondence between the two) is essentially lo-fi bedroom pop, but with skinxbones’ production, it turns into a bad dream come to life. Babyloot’s painfully innocent lyrics and child-like vocals contrast with the down-tuned samples, rattling hi-hats, and funereal guitars, making for a creepy and unsettling listen. In the offbeat “YouCantSayNoToMeInMyDreams,” we kind of lose hope in Babyloot’s plight. It sounds as if she’s going to be stuck here in this nightmare, and we can do nothing else but to listen.

The EP is available for streaming and free download. Listen to it below:


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