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Inside This Issue

Just A Few More Days Then... Boom! Shadows Fall!

We know you're stoked just like we are! Shadows-Fucking-Fall dude! We got resident metal marquis and RJ Underground radio jock Mr Slh to gather up the skinny and info on the band that's going to destroy the country this March 15 at A. Venue Makati City.

They're All Called Jack?

No silly, and we don't mean to insult your intelligence, but San Francisco-based Jumping Jacks are probably the band you've been looking for to satisfy your modern rock fix.

Shirtless, Tattooed, and Rocking... And It's Not Queso?

Of course, we mean that in a good way, and we're proud to present an alternative... as in WAY more alternative. We're pretty sure you've all heard of this ethnic/world-inspired outfit Kadangyan that's unashamed to throw in a healthy dose of culture and history in their music.

The Force of Satan's Heavy Metal Might

Just kidding lads, lasses, priests, and nuns. Put the pitchforks away and call off the guardians of public morality. Arguably one of the year's most sonically gratifying and ambitious releases, Valley of Chrome goes out with its second full-length Never The Lifeless.