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Witness the evolution - the audiomorphosis of the local and international music scene as we take you back to the time it all started, 1999, and back to the present made possible by you. You are viewing the official wayback machine of PULP Magazine, providing you a trip back to music history in the last decade... IN YOUR FACE!

Inside This Issue:

It's Never About Us

The 2007 Philippine Division of the World Battle of the Bands was indeed one of 2007's highlights, if you're talking about the local rock scene. Why? Because YOU got the chance to vote for your favorite artists, YOU got to enjoy a nightly program on NU107 The Home of Nu Rock, plus YOU got to party at this year's local finals. And guess what? We got pictures of YOU...

Not Even They Can Complain

L.C. de Leon and company are boldly going where some of us have already been... but with a deeper purpose: to represent the country in this year's World Battle of the Bands Grand Finals to be held in Singapore! Yeap, we couldn't be anymore happier for 'em, or with the cover concept or with the cover story that comes with the band's winning of this year's local finals.

Wow Pare... Psychedelic!

We just absolutely love both the sound and the colors Baguio-based The Spaceflower Show provides us without a hint of timidity. It's been a long time we've seen snappy dressers who can outperform any other band on stage, so imagine our delight when we found out that these guys were gearing up to release their debut full-length.