The Official PULP Wayback Machine

Witness the evolution - the audiomorphosis of the local and international music scene as we take you back to the time it all started, 1999, and back to the present made possible by you. You are viewing the official wayback machine of PULP Magazine, providing you a trip back to music history in the last decade... IN YOUR FACE!

Inside This Issue:

Cover Story: Rock N' Roll Dreams Come True

Who doesn't want to be called a legend? Fact is, though most of the personalities chosen as Red Horse Beer's Rock Legends are a bit shy when it comes to labeling themselves as such, the music and the attitude of Pepe Smith, Karl Roy, Basti Artadi, Marc Abaya, Reg Rubio, and Ely Buendia is more than enough proof of their greatness.

Free To Decide

Four years after the Cranberries went on a hiatus, lead singer Dolore O'Riordan, the memorable voice behind all the band's hits, is back with her debut solo album, "Are You Listening?"

How Do You Spell That Again?

French sound sculptor and visual artist DJ Missill may be from Europe, but she isn't "Euro-"anything, as the music she mixes is an unclassifiable mish-mash of hip-hop, rock, electro, dub, and everything in between.

Au Revoir!

PULP Presents: Fete Dela Musique 2007 undoubtedly was one of the best installments of the worldwide tradition of bringing the sound and the sights to the streets. Check out the musicians and bands that unselfishly shared what they had to offer.

That Weird Girl

Emilie Simon, who was recently in the country long enough to enchant with her music and pose for the lens, seems to be headed the right way with her unique brand of electronica. It actually rocks.