The Official PULP Wayback Machine

Witness the evolution - the audiomorphosis of the local and international music scene as we take you back to the time it all started, 1999, and back to the present made possible by you. You are viewing the official wayback machine of PULP Magazine, providing you a trip back to music history in the last decade... IN YOUR FACE!

Inside This Issue:

Train Kept a Rollin'

Lokomotiv is the rock n' roll powerhouse hailing from the States which happens to include two of Pinoy Rock's most seasoned veterans from the 90s band explosion. Yet this band isn't here to relive past glories, but to create new ones, with their sonic offering Rock N' Roll Death Toll.

Chinese (Food) Mafia

Honestly, we can't think of a better reason why we shot Baguio-based Session Road in a popular Chinese Restaurant dressed up as a couple of gangsters, except that our graphic designer Conrad Javier was hungry for some noodles and dimsum when he came up with the concept, and that the band just looks really good dressed up in spiffy threads.

Stop The Press! It's OASIS

We can think of only one person in the office (a certain editor-in-chief with the initials J.D.) who would've been glad if the rumors that legendary British rock n' roll outfit Oasis was breaking up were true, hence the recently released greatest hit package Stop The Clocks. Fact is, the British supergroup is not - the band is merely saying goodbye to its label and is putting the dot at the end of the sentence with this collection.

Now a Name, Soon a Legend

Well, Paul Sirate, aka Pikaso, already is actually, being one of the most focused and determined rapper in the local hip-hop industry to emerge this past year. With award-winning tracks/discs to his belt, and a reputation for being one of the innovators of the genre way back when he was living outside the country.