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Witness the evolution - the audiomorphosis of the local and international music scene as we take you back to the time it all started, 1999, and back to the present made possible by you. You are viewing the official wayback machine of PULP Magazine, providing you a trip back to music history in the last decade... IN YOUR FACE!

Inside This Issue

Next Stop, the Rest of the World

Read on as we sit down and talk to probably four of the most famous musicians this past year: vocalist Bamboo Mañalac, guitarist Ira Cruz, bassist Nathan Azarcon, and drummer Vic Mercado, and goes through how 2006 has been very good to them, specifically how the band has conquered Southeast Asia with the release of Light.Peace.Love.

Sunny Side-Up

Though many may beg to differ (including yours truly), 2006 has proven to be a great year to Hardboiledeggz, the latest amateur band to hit it big via this year's Red Horse Muziklaban band competition. They may sport a ridiculous name, and you might laugh and find yourself asking "who are these guys?!!" in a fit of utter cluelessness, but read on...

This Is Where Disco, Techno, and Rave Failed

Hey, keyboards are cool! Synths are cool! Electronic, digital beats, and programmed shit are cool! That is, if you use 'em like CDO-natives Switch does: to provide total mind-fuck!