The Official PULP Wayback Machine

Witness the evolution - the audiomorphosis of the local and international music scene as we take you back to the time it all started, 1999, and back to the present made possible by you. You are viewing the official wayback machine of PULP Magazine, providing you a trip back to music history in the last decade... IN YOUR FACE!

Inside This Issue:

PULP Summer Slam III: Surviving the Slam

Hell will break loose on April 30, so prepare yourselves for the end of the world.

The People Behind the Slam

Anybody who thinks that you can fit almost fifty bands into one overnight gig has to be crazy... really crazy. So we decided to put the faces with names you usually just read, and you be the judge if we really look as crazy as we think.

Bouncing Baby Men

Want to get to know the guys who can potentially kick your ass if you don't behave yourselves at the SLAM? Joey Dizon finds out exactly who these personalities are, and was lucky enough to make it back to write the story.

A Lexicon of Musicians Playing at the Summer Slam

It's all here, in alphabetical order! The who, what, where, when, and why's about your favorite bands playing at this season's biggest concert.

The Hot Chick

Luscious Patricia Javier has a bod for sin and a voice for business. She opens up to writer Luis Katigbak about her singing career, her album, her childhood, and finally making it to the cover of PULP.