Bunã ziua! Kara here for the third episode of Who Did It Better! Today, we'll be taking a look at the great phenomenon of tugs-tugs clubbin' music that's been crashing into mainstream's waves.

Say hello to Russian-German Prince of Electro House, Zedd. I'm pretty sure you've heard at least one of his anthems being played at clubs, the radio, and well, ANYWHERE. Normally, I wouldn't really know what's going on in mainstream music (eew, hipster alert), but this dude's caught my attention. Why? First off, Zedd's actually pretty talented. He's ACTUALLY a musician (thank God!) and with the mainstream scene deteriorating thanks to noise pollution and commercials passing off as chart toppers, people like Zedd could be what we all have been chasing relentlessly for (Oh, yes).

So turn it up and check out these other pretty good musicians covering a pretty good song by a pretty good DJ. Which cover do you think pulled it off best? In what genre? Or is the original still better? We wanna know what you think!

Merry Christmas, everyone! And don't forget… Christmas is about giving.


The Original


Our Contenders

1 » Faintlight


2 » Our Last Night


3 » Andrew Garcia & Andy Lange


4 » Janita Satriani