Ohayo, mina-san! Kryselle here from PULP and it’s that time of the month again! I present to you Episode 2 of Who Did It Better? A compilation of random awesome YouTubers putting a different twist into mainstream music!

For our second episode, we feature the woman, who couldn’t have enough boyfriends in her lifetime, Taylor Swift!

Her overly infectious song “22” has garnered more than 111,395,487 views on YouTube. It topped charts from all over and hauntingly plays over and over in your head. (Although, I still cannot fully comprehend what she means when she says she’s feeling 22.)  We scoured the interwebs (well, just YouTube anyways) and found (it ain’t that hard though) three decent covers of this song. Tell us who did it better?


The Original


Our Contenders

1 » Alex Goot + Friends


2 » Tyler Ward & Crew


3 » Cambridge