Hola, mis amigos! Kara here from PULP taking the reins on the first episode of Who Did It Better? today! This is basically gonna be a compilation of YouTube covers of crappy radio tunage that throw better feels than the original (ouch).

For our first episode of Who Did It Better? we turn to the marketing genius, Miley Cyrus.

So Miley just won't stop-yeah, I went there right away-and well, with 203,428,862 views and counting on YouTube, she obviously will keep going at it. But hey, check it out, there are other bands and (actual) musicians who turned this commercial piece of mainstreamity into something bearable. Now tell us, who do you think did it better?

Twerk it, guys!

The Original
Our Contenders

1 » Drewsif Stalin

2 » King The Kid

3 » Annisokay

Oh and, here's a little extra thingo...