Greetings! How y’all doin? First and foremost I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Daryl Alvarez. I am a musician for the hardcore/metal band Blunt Concept and Pop Punk band Indaybote.

Before I started this venture of becoming a musician and emerged myself into this whole thing, I am very much an avid fan of local shows. Weather if it’s on a weekday or on a weekend, if I’m free for the evening I’ll just go to your local venue and just hang and watch bands play till the wee morning.  There is just something amazing about going to shows, hangin’ out and meeting different kinds of people that fascinates me till this day.

Being in a band, I am blessed enough to be able to play for different places and different scenes around the country. It’s one of those things that fuels me to be a better musician and a better person. To be able to share what I am really passionate off and be able to meet different kinds of people with their own ideals along the way. With that being said, I dedicated myself to explore different kinds of OPM music and their respective scenes. Think of it as a big adventure where-in every show in every corner has their own different culture and story to share.  And the amazing thing about this is, I will be able to share it with y’all!.

Now, Let’s get things started shall we?

Hardcore - My home and my heart. This is where I grew up. And as you can see it’s a bit more personal to me.  There is nothing more amazing than going to a hardcore show where in you’ll get to see and experience kids moshing, gang shouting, stage diving and a lot more. It exemplifies unity and respect among its peers, a way to release ones aggression through its own form of “dancing “with the actual heavy music itself.

Last night I gots to visit an old familiar staple in the local hardcore scene, “ Moshpit Sundays “ I remember going to their warehouse shows back in 2011. Bands like Arcadia, April Morning Skies, Imbuenokudos are the staple line-up during that era. After going on a short break for quite sometime, they are back at it again this 2014.

Last night‘s show was amazing! It was venue full of kids moshing out and going at it. According to Marc Velasquez, “ Moshpit Sundays “ started with their band Arcadia and their friends at April Morning Skies. They just wanted to create shows and have fun with other bands that they usually went to shows with. All their roots started from Freedom Bar and at the Obsidian Bar at Home Depot.

“ We really had the best days of our lives. And because of the it, it impacted the kids in a huge way which is really flattering.”  – said Marc Velasquez. But because of venues closing down and not accommodating hardcore shows and moshing, it had to be to lie low for a while.

“ Well when it comes to that, I must say (we) it's priceless.  Kids used to have different groups from different corners of the metro including the provinces nearby that’s why they usually had occasional fights during gigs but eventually they unite and formed a group by themselves bonded by friendship they build from having fun and expressing themselves during our shows and for us we already reached our dream by leaving a mark on the scene and made a change. “

“ But most importantly ever since our main objective is to keep the fire burning for the kids as an inspiration to positivity and keep them away from bad elements such as negative and critical people. in MS everyone has a voice. We are all equal “.– Marc Velasquez.

You can catch them next month as they ready their 4th year anniversary.