Ah! Bulacan. There is just something about this place that fascinates me. Maybe because the fact that it’s a near escape from the city life (30- 40 minutes travel time) and it has that simple and “home-y” vibe to its luscious grounds. For whatever reasons it maybe, I just keep on coming back and enjoy its offering. When it comes to music, Bulacan isn’t a stranger to bands and shows. Heard a lot of promising things about its local music scene, so I decided to tag along and checked out one of their recent festivity.

Last April 4, 2014. Street Youth Production hosted their 1st ever event which is called "EPICENTER" It hosted bands around Metro Manila and its own home grown acts as well.  First thing I observed outside the venue is the different brands of band merchandise, local apparels, and CD’s at the booth, and also the fact the place is already packed! Seeing all of this made the "music nerd" inside me really giggly happy Ahaha. It’s good to see that kids these days still support their local apparel and local music acts. Anyways, as I entered the venue itself, I was really surprised to see that kids are very much active to the show itself. Singing out the lyrics to the performer’s songs, doing gang-shouts, and even throwing rolls of tissue paper at each other, and just plain having a great time!

The fun was non-stop! The only break they get is when the next band is setting up or doing sound checks. Every band was amazing! The energy was non-stop, and the kids didn’t hesitate to interact with the bands that performed. It was such a great sight. Passionate kids that are just supporting each other and every artist/band that performed as well. 

Overall, I had a great time and Bulacan’s own scene never fails to disappoint.  It’s good to see kids are supporting each other and just having a blast! Shows are always meant to be FUN and interactive. Engaging more and more to people and just making more good memories with each other. 


Clothing lines: Modern Dark // Black Anthem

Bands : Now You Make Me Angry /Give Chance To Run / Sirens / RedLightGo / Brick City / Murder Club / Suicide Season / Herramosa / Lost And Found / Diachroma  / The Happy Hearts Club / Above Ashen Anchors /

Street Youth Productions :  Alden Mallo, Jef Roxas, Che Crisostomo