Chris Hanssen and Jamie Savage of Australian band Avastera weigh in on the international acts they'll be sharing the stage with this September 20, 2012 at the SMX Convention Center for Bazooka Rocks...


Chris: I love Mayday! I'm a big fan of these guys. For me, they write some of the best and catchiest vocal melodies and execute it so well. We've seen Mayday live over here before, they nail those harmonies live! The dudes put on really cool shows as well, they're definitely a really fun band to watch live!

Jamie: Mayday has been one of my personal favorites since I heard their first full-length album A Lesson in Romantics years ago. It was love at first...hear? Ha! Since then, Mayday has been a massive influence on my musical style and one of the most-played bands on my iPod and my player.


Chris: All I can say is: if by some miracle I can have a spare moment with Taylor Momsen while we're in Manila, and if she's keen to hang out, maybe go out for a drink or two with me and absorb the Manila nightlife...I would totally be down for that. I'm just saying...


Chris: I've gotten into Marianas Trench a lot recently! I'm really digging their latest album Ever After. It's different and really well done. I've had it on repeat these last few days.


Chris: To be honest, I haven't listened to a whole lot of FTSK. But I did manage to catch some of their set at Soundwave Festival over here last 2009. They look like a lot of fun!


Chris: The Wonder Years are so straightforward, raw, fast and catchy. I love it! I'm looking forward to seeing them tear it up onstage performing "Melrose Diner."


Chris: The Maine are incredible! John is a great frontman and fits that whole vibe so well. There are a lot of mixed reactions to their latest release Pioneer, but I think it's excellent! "Like We Did" is such an addictive song. There's this one B-side song called "Take Me Dancing" which I find simply amazing. It's one of those songs that will instantly grab your attention and it will just make you stop what you're doing, listen to the song...and fall into reflective thought. A "mood setter" as John may put it.


Jamie: I was introduced to A Skylit Drive's music about a year ago, since then I've become a big fan of their music. It must be noted that Michael Jagmin's vocal range is not that of a normal human! He's such an incredible frontman.