With the changes in the music scene making it a necessity to act outside of traditional thinking, here are two locally-produced websites that you can check out in support of local independent music...


Visit ☛ www.numberlinerecords.com

Set up by the Benedicto siblings [Micaela, Mike (of Outerhope) and Bobby], this website is where you can sample - and download for free - music from their favorite indie artists such as Slow Hello, Manuel Nicolas Alvero, Modulogeek and a whole lot more. My most recommended artists in the site would be Similar Objects, Multo and Tarsius.

Here's a beautiful music video from Similar Objects:

SimilarObjects - Booth Bitch from Brian Sergio on Vimeo.


Visit ☛ www.artisteconnect.com

Here's where you can help indie artists actually release albums. Every featured artist on this site are offering different promo schemes so they would be able to raise funds to produce their albums (and even films or shows). Highly recommended ones here to help out include The Lowtechs, Julianne and Color It Red.