Do you guys call yourselves something? Like, say, PULPers? Or PULP Community Citizens? Anyway, this is Cris O. Ramos, Jr., Music Editor of PULP Magazine. Let me start first by saying that I'm proud to be part of PULP for almost a year. I can remember being an avid supporter of the magazine when it first came out. Of course, like any other thing in the universe, there are a few things that can be done to improve the magazine, but really, it's the only thing of its own kind here in our shores.

As you may have noticed, we are currently experiencing a crazy influx of foreign acts coming over to our shores. PULP Live World will be having Cyndi Lauper over at the Smart Araneta Coliseum this March 17, 2012. We Are the In Crowd and Set Your Goals will be here this June 2, 2012 on the same venue. And of course, do not forget PULP Summer Slam 12. Six heavy-as-hell foreign acts (Arch Enemy, August Burns Red, Blessthefall, PULP SS-second timers Darkest Hour, We Came As Romans and Periphery), six of the biggest local acts (Kamikazee, Urbandub, Franco, Chicosci, Intolerant and Sin) and six freebies to boot - all for the ridiculous bargain of P400. Are you kidding me?! And believe me, as we speak, we at PULP are already working on a couple more and counting.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to get across here is that things are already changing for the better with this influx. Do not let us at PULP and the other people putting up these shows down by supporting them because even with the fun and pleasure we get from working on these shows, they are a bitch to make. A lot of hard work - and money - goes into making these shows a good experience as can possibly be. So please, if there's a show out there that you think you'll be able to enjoy, buy a ticket. Or buy an issue of PULP to learn about the others you're not familiar with. Make it a point to do the little things that will help you save up (Speaking of saving up, you can get more treats out of PULP Live World's shows by checking out our PULP Royalty offerings). Unless you have no problem just having those so-called run-of-the-mill "major concerts" that come off like Sunday musical variety shows to choose from, let's support these concerts (especially PULP Live World shows, tee-hee).