An English indie band, Florence and the Machine stimulates the imagination and brings you to surreal worlds. Their dreamland sounds that transport you to fantasy worlds has been gaining popularity and making its way into the mainstream since 2007. A combination of resounding vocals from lead singer Florence Welch and songwriter/producer Isabella "Machine" Summers would surely tickle your independent mind.

One Saturday night I was just bumming off when my mom called me to her room and said that I should listen to this song, it was "If Only for a Night" and the minute I heard the haunting intro, I was instantly hooked and as the song progresses it completely blew my mind. After that first encounter, I just had to have more and it didn't disappoint. It's not just simply listening to a song, it was an experience and that is what distinguishes F and M, every song is an experience. It transcends you to worlds you never knew existed; it transports you to different realms that could only exist in figments of your imagination. It ignites something in you, passion, emotion and power. It's a very rare occurrence that you find music that you could feel an unexplainable connection with, like a sanctuary calling you home and carrying you in its arms. This song inspires the shit out of me, that's how powerful its effect on me is.

The minute I hear Florence's vocals it just reverberates to my soul and my mind instantly wanders to lazy warm summers; dancing in the fields with the sun on your face and the wind on your hair. And as I said, every song is an experience.

Here's the song that started it all. Listen to it to experience something life changing!

And another one! This is by far climbing my list of my top favorites!