It was an ordinary gloomy day on an ordinary weekend on a typical ordinary lazy afternoon and while I was nonchalantly trolling the interwebs I was tuning in on an online radio when I stumbled upon a song that caught my attention. It was entirely instrumental but it grabs at your emotions. "Your Hand in Mine" by Explosions in the Sky pierced me and saw through me.

Thought provoking and emotionally arousing soundscapes, Explosions in the Sky is a rock band that hails from Texas and has been touching people's lives with their music since 2009. They have already released six studio albums while some of their songs have been used as soundtracks on various television shows and has been making people blow their minds. Their music is mostly pure instrumental but before you cringe away from it, don't. Because if you did it would probably be the most regretful thing you'll ever do and oh, how shall I pity your ignorance.

It's emotionally awakening amalgamation of sounds delivers you to ruminations on the workings of the cosmos and its wonders. It makes you conscious that you are but a tiny insignificant speck in the universe. It brings you musings in life, love and realms that have yet to be discovered. You get in touch with your inner self and realize the beauty in sorrow and capture the mystery of existence.

On other news, here's something that I wrote some time way back and I feel that it fits the atmosphere that the song conjures up whenever I listen to it:

"And in that moment they are one, a multitude of people share one belief. They free themselves of their inhibitions and consign to oblivion their predicaments. And wanting to stay in that fleeting moment, wishing it could last forever, they grab and hold on to it as if it's their only saving grace, but nevertheless slip away and would just be a faded memory, a memory remembered with longing, a memory remembered through lapses of nostalgia and they would remember that moment and think how happy they once were and how young they once were, how free they once were. They look at themselves through dull weary eyes and wonder what might have been, what could have been, what should have been. And they would try and relive that moment, that memory when they felt alive but it's nothing now but a faded memory."