I know the title might be a bit hard to take in but I mean there's nothing wrong with liking both One Direction and Lamb of God, right? (Really? Like SRSLY?)

Well atleast that's what YouTube user somethingtowatch claims in defense of this hilariously horrendous video of One Direction singing a Lamb of God song he uploaded last June 17.

I gotta say, this dude definitely has a lot of free time and free will to strategically snip and snap a 1D video performance to accurately match LOG's track, get some movie chasee clips and incorporate that too, and even open the Bible to get a verse! Although ofcourse the verse was 'tampered' with a lot of hate on the boy band.

Kind of funny how creative people become to entertain or piss off others.

Watch the fan made video of boy group sensation One Direction 'singing' Lamb of God's "Again We Rise" below. Bring out your popcorns and watch people to go nuts in the comment area.


'Til next oddity,


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