Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory + Gangnam Style...prepare to get your minds blown!


Yes, Gangnam Style is skillfully mixed with the ENTIRE Hybrid Theory Album by Linkin Park, giving birth to what is called "Psybrid Theory". I know, it already sounds ridiculous just hearing the title, but wait 'til you hear them all. Everyone of them is just like a Kinder Egg, surprising you as how the single Korean Pop song's vocals are sped up, slowed down, scratched and chopped up to fit the Linkin Park tracks. Cray cray.

The first time I've encountered this crime against music, I just snickered at the thought. I mean who is not in the right state of mind to do this? And WHY? I was vehemently skimming through the comments of each video and surprisingly, I didn't see much haters complaining. I mean the whole thing was embraced by the web. People were having fun listening to it! So then, I gave it a chance and started to listening to the first track "Gangnamcut" (you guessed it, Papercut) and believe me brother, did this crack me up like a mad hyena suffering an asthma attack. 

Thanks to Youtubers ROSALINASAMA and TRIPLE-Q, this musical Frankenstein was given existence.

Stumbling upon this is certainly in a good timing, because lately I've been reading on raging comment threads between Kpoppers and Rock enthusiasts. And it's nice to see this odd thing, Kpop and rock combined, giving people in general a good laugh. I hope everyone gets over the whole my-genre-is-better-than-yours thing because let's face it, everybody's gonna have something that they like and don't like so why don't we just respect others' preferences? 

Alright that's enough talk for me now so I'll let you on to the main course and you be the judge. Just try not to listen to all 12 songs, 'cause you'd probably have Gangnam Style memorized by the end and I don't think hearing "Psybrid Theory" for the first time is as fun as having it your earworm for a couple of days.


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