My Journalism mentor back in highschool would always tell me off whenever I had to cram my article in 15 minutes or less when we were given a good 1 hour to finish the whole thing. If you were me at 16, you would think of clock hands as just hands and not time itself, and you would let the music coming from your earphones bristle with the thoughts you want to put into print, and you would snicker whenever your teacher tells you to make your articles "meaty" because of the way she said it. But now you realize that she didn't oppose your acoustic-driven impetus because maybe, she knew that it was your way of making the meat rise above the broth.

But before we let certain things come to the fore, we shan't forget the introductions! Hi, I'm Nola Saldana and am very bad at introductions! And I love the Internet! And this column is where I ask local musicians borderline weird and mundane questions and take their pictures! And this is where I also write about overheard borderline weird and mundane episodes at gigs in the metro!

And now I christen this Kebab in the Hubbub with the presence of April Morning Skies, whose hiatus in 2010 finally came to a close in 2012 and has since then been working on new material that will be released soon. Despite going through a two-year respite and lineup changes, the band still paves their way further to sonic non-likenesses. They have been recently featured in an episode of Tower Sessions which you can view and listen to here.

But for today they put down the guitars, drum sticks and the mic for rather unusual questions: "What would be the last thing you eat if you were to die today?" and "What item would you bring to the next life?"


Rodrigo Ybanez, vocals

Q1: PANSIT. Pangpahaba ng buhay, para sa next life mahaba pa din buhay ko. Hahaha
Q2: Something sentimental. A watch.


Kenneth Aranza, guitars

Q1: Lahat ng masarap sa jollibee... Isang katerbang peach mango pie
Q2: Laptop


Aaron Corvera, guitars

Q1: Jollibee peach mango pie
Q2: Lahat meron na sa heaven, pwera CD ng Rotting Christ. I'm sure 'di ko rin mawiwish yun kay Papa J.


Bernard Olazo, bass

Q1: Lechon.
Q2: Pictures.


Lester Faraon, drums

Q1: Skateboard kasi nakakatamad maglakad.
Q2: Sisig kasi walang animal brutality sa... Recto.