What would I do if I won the Superlotto 6/49? The usual answers would be travel, go on an extreme shopping spree, save it, donate it, secure my future, and all that stuff. But what would I really do? I would most definitely put up the biggest music festival to ever hit the Philippines. Ladies and djents, I present to you... Kara's Birthday Weekend Music Festival, Coron 2020.

Surely, tickets to this thing would be pretty pricey, but hey, let me list down how worth it it's gonna be:

• C'mon, it's a freakin' 3-day music festival!
• Take a look at that line up!
• It's gonna be on a stage at the Barracuda Lake in Coron, Palawan. Damn, what a view!
• Tickets will include your plane ride to Coron and multiple scheduled boat rides to Barracuda Lake
• Free entrance to the acoustic pre-show in Saguijo Cafe featuring: Anna Tsuchiya, Kaela Kimura, Shiina Ringo, Toe, Lite, Miyavi, and Crossfaith.
• Meet and greet passes. Yay!
• Free event poster to remember it forever!
• Free Dairy Queen for all!
• Free Pizza Hut for all!
• Bottomless fresh fruit shakes. Yum!
• PlayStation 4 gaming stations!
• Underwater photo booth with the fishies!

36 awesome bands. 3 days of extreme headbanging and fun. 1 weekend to celebrate my birthday. So why in 2020, you might ask? Well, that's to give me time to win the damn lotto, save up my winnings in time deposit, and organize the entire thing. And also for those people who MIGHT think that this is an actual event poster, 'cause folks, it's not... not yet, at least. Now tell me, what would you do if you won the lotto?